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Doing business in Argentina

Natasja de Winter

allround entrepreneur and producer

Natasja de Winter

Since ´98 residing in Argentina. As from a business point of view, I got to know the country and its capital city in many different ways. With International Studies as a background (Commercial and law) and after having had international work experience in South-Korea , I started writing different market studies for Dutch trade sectors commissioned by the Dutch Embassy in Buenos Aires.

During two years I worked as a General Manager in the Argentine Dutch Chamber of Commerce with the objective to provide export assistance to potential foreign investors, organizing agent searches as well as setting up trade fair participations. After that I worked for international companies such as Boomerang Media and the Salentein Group.

Since 2002 I am also working as an investigative journalist, correspondent and local producer for different international media clients (radio and television) as well as providing local support to foreign film and advertising producers.

Always alert to trade opportunities, together with two others I founded an export company in fruits and vegetables, Pronature S.A., exporting products during 5 months per year to the US and Europe (primarily the Netherlands).

As from the beginning of this year I am also a co-founder of the Buenos Aires Supper Club that organizes (incentive) dinners at unique private locations.

In the remaining hours I assist third parties in the purchase of real estate in Buenos Aires (just completes a Masters Program “Real Estate Management” at the Di Tella University in Buenos Aires).



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