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Doing business in Argentina

Jacques de Rhoter

management consultant/interim manager

Jacques de Rhoter

Has over thirty years international experience, predominantly in the oil industry. Moved after almost 15 years in Africa (Gabon and Nigeria) to South America, Has since worked and lived in Argentina, Brazil, Central America, the Caribbean and South Africa. Has held a variety of finance roles – such as Controller, Finance Manager, Governance and Assurance Manager - on three continents. Has frequently been involved in setting up new companies and re-organising existing ones, financial process design and/or process improvement projects. 

Is specialised in reviewing and optimising financial processes, re-organising companies or parts thereof, implementation of global financial requirements such as SOX and IAS, corporate governance, as well as detecting weaknesses in the internal control framework and “repairing” these. Is very much a hands-on professional who is looking for pragmatic solutions. 

Has a broad cultural interest: music, film, theatre, architecture, literature and anthropology. Is a keen traveller. Writes a weekly column about Buenos Aires or the country, region or city where he happens to be. These columns are written in his mother tongue and published on his website www.jacquesderhoter.com. Upon request he writes made to measure texts or articles about Argentina or Buenos Aires,






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