Doing business in Argentina

Natasja de Winter

Allround entrepreneur and producer

Elmer de Ronde

Business consultant and entrepreneur

Jacques de Rhoter

Management consultant and interim manager

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Means selecting a country with abundant natural resources, as well as human resources and labour costs that are well below those in Western Europe and North America.

Small and medium enterprises, many owned by enthusiastic and creative young entrepreneurs, are the growth engines of the Argentine economy. Without doubt offering a most interesting environment for companies looking to grow their business and/or looking to start new activities abroad.

Moving into a new and unknown territory requires solid orientation and preparation. What are the most promising sectors of the economy? Starting from scratch or partnering with a local entrepreneur? How to find a local representative or distributor? What is local business culture like? How about fiscal climate and other local legislation and regulations? Where to look for office space or housing? How to deal with relocation issues? Many of these questions also need to be answered if you are planning a commercial film production or photo shoot, or a business orientation trip.

“Doing Business in Argentina” is a multi disciplinary and multi lingual partnership of four Dutch nationals who work and live in Buenos Aires. Together they have a wealth of international experience and are on standby to help you to find answers to all of the above questions and any others you may have. 

Want to know more, discuss opportunities or get to know what specific services we can provide you with? Please send an email to info@doingbusinessinargentina. We are ready to support you to successfully do business in or with Argentina.

Elmer de Ronde
Jacques de Rhoter
Natasja de Winter



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